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JavaTipsEveryday Course by Nam Ha Minh
"Your emails help me a lot. Concepts like polymorphism, inheritance, etc are now clear and no one take away them from me. I awaiting you to come to collections part and  which is still confusing to me, especially that thing called hasCode() and toString()."

Funowakhe Fungokwakhe Nkomo
Johannesburg, South Africa

"Thank you Nam, your training are awesome!
I am working on a play framework 2.4.2 project and I have applied lots of ideas you gave me since we started the training and my code is more compact and extensible."

Paul Msegeya
Dar Es Salaam, Tanzania

"Your lessons are great!
Sorry for not participating more active."

Robert Antonovic
Zagreb, Croatia

"Thank you so much for your kind words, your encouraging emails, your motivational career development emails, and in short, everything. I believe you are God sent to me, honestly speaking.
I have never come across such a proficient Java expert like you all my life."

Murphy Collins
Manassas, US

"The first time when Nam Ha Minh was mailed me.. while reading that mail I was stunned because I haven't read that type of mails in my careers... He is not only mentor...
He is everything.. He used to talk me like my brother and he is my inspiration
Thank you Nam once again and I am vary happy to have such a great mentor."

Manikanta Dontala
Bangalore, India

"I did not find any mentor who teaches the OOP concepts totally in different way I tried
to research but the complete meaning for every concept

Really difficult to find good mentors...! Really ...really...Nam deserves Good name
and great fame for his work...

Suryan Kiran Kumar
Hyderabad, Andhra Pradesh, India

"Hi Nam..

From last two weeks I'm feeling motivated...

You led me think in different ways...

It is my aim to become NO 1

I am Sure.. I have belief.. I am getting better and better everyday..

I have very good resources for achieving the aim..and you are one of them."

Vishal Shah

Vishrambag, Sangli, India

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"Firstly I thank you for such a motivational mail.
I never seen such courses,so inspiring and motivational like you are conducting.
Really get a adrenaline junkie, whenever I read your mail."

Shrinidhi Mahendrakar
Bangalore, India

"Thank you very much for sharing your experiences with me. I would love to be a java professional like you...please keep guiding me ...Your friendship means a lot to me. Your friend."

Sukant Kumar Shahu
Guwahati, India

Hi Nam,
I'm glad I met you. Your mails give me energy and motivate me to work.
I can't wait for next messages :)

Kraków, Poland

"Hey Nam,
Its Bansri here.
Its been great getting all these emails from you since a month. You really have a unique way of teaching :). Keep writing..."

Bansri Shah
Ahmedabad, India

"Hi Nam,
I really appreciate you emails and do read your mail whenever it popup in my mail box.I must say really doing a good job because of less time we never read some topics and in some areas are basics are not clear, today i read your mail of "Don't eat Exceptions" and this happen with me already.So thanks a lot for giving me multiple solutions.
So i request you to send this type of mails on daily behalf if possible for you :).
Thanks & Best"

Paresh Maru
Hunter, Australia

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520 Programmers Enrolled